ProMotion - Why Collagen Works

Joint health is essential to a happy, healthy life for your dog. Joints are areas where bones come together, and are attached by connective tissues and cartilage, which allow for movement. Collagen is the major protein in connective tissues and cartilage, and can be taken orally to support healthy joints, as well as alleviate pain, swelling, and lack of motion associated with various forms of arthritis. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, roughly 20% of dogs are affected by arthritis. Cats disguise their pain better and are harder to diagnose, but it is reported that 30% of cats over 8 years old are afflicted by arthritic symptoms as well. Arthritis can cause pets to suffer stiffness, pain, and lameness, and may result in a limp and an inability to move normally (Gupta et al.). Studies have shown orally administered collagen supplementation is effective in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis.

One study done in 2012 showed that moderately arthritic dogs, which were treated with collagen daily, were found to have a significant decrease in pain, and maximum improvement was seen at the end of the study, on day 150 (Gupta et al.). Another study conducted in 2012 revealed that daily collagen supplementation was well-tolerated and provided significant pain reduction, as shown by the VAS (Visual Analog Scale) pain assessment for osteoarthritis. It also showed a significant improvement in patients WOMAC (Western Onterio and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index) scores (Schauss et al.). A third study from 2005 treated arthritic dogs with collagen daily for 90 days. Treatment showed significant improvement in overall pain, lameness, and pain after physical exertion. Additionally, after a 30-day-withdrawl period, where no collagen supplementation was given, all dogs experienced a relapse of their previous arthritic symptoms (Deparle et al.). Promotion’s patented formula contains hydrolyzed collagen, a key difference from other joint products. It also contains glucosamine and strong antioxidants for joint health.


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