ProQuiet® is available in flavored chewable tablets for Dogs and Cats.

ProQuiet® is based on an essential amino acid found in turkey and warm milk. Taurine is another amino acid included to help nervous system health. ProQuiet also contains several B vitamins for further support of the nervous system.

Main ingredients: Taurine, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Hops (75 mg), Chamomile(75 mg), Ginger Root (5 mg), Brewer's Yeast, L-Tryptophan, liver flavor

What Doctors & Customers say...

"My dog won't eat any supplements, but does great on the ProQuiet!" - Dr. Fleckenstein, Syracuse, NY

"I have a 10-year old Toy Poodle, Phebee. Our vet suggested we try ProQuiet. It has worked well. I strongly recommend the product." - Donna, New York

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